Comparing the Features of Garmin GPS Watches

Garmin GPS WatchesGarmin is one to the top leading brands in the GPS industry, especially when it comes to sports GPS watches. With high quality tracking systems, their GPS is extremely accurate- a must when purchasing a watch. Garmin watches also feature tons of different functions that are perfect for workout training sessions of every sport and activity. Making the right choice when you want to purchase a Garmin GPS watch is important, as getting too many or too few extras on your watch can cost you time and money. Learn all about the features Garmin has to offer, and how you can use each one to your advantage.

If you are a frequent runner, hiker, or walker, than purchasing a Garmin watch that includes a compatible foot pod is an excellent idea. A foot pod is a extra attachment that you affix to your ankle, and will calculate and keep track of your pace and speed. If the watch you’re looking at doesn’t include foot pod, make sure that Garmin carries a compatible foot pod separately as this item is crucial to getting the most out of every trek.

Heart monitors are great for any athlete, especially those who exercise with the goal of weight loss. This attachment is strapped to the chest or fingertip, and will keep track of your heart rate. With alarm functions, you’ll know instantly if you’re exercising too hard or not hard enough, or if you’re nearing a danger zone and you need to take a break. Some of the more high-quality heart rate monitors can also compute calories burned per session, a nice added bonus.

If you enjoy watching your progress over time, than a Garmin GPS watch with tracking software is ideal. Your compatible watch will track and log your progress, than as you sync it with your home computer, the watch will send the data wirelessly for future comparisons. Save your data and input the information from the comfort of your own home effortlessly. This tool is perfect for professional athletes and those who are serious about their fitness goals.

All Garmin GPS watches include, of course, a GPS navigation system. You should be aware, however, that some watches include more additional features than others. Pinpoint your exact location, plan routes, view maps, save trails for future use, and design exercise courses- it’s all up to you when you pick out what GPS features you need.
Timers, alarms, date and calendars, competitive modes, water resistance, multi-sport technology- it doesn’t have to be confusing.

Just make a list of what sports you’ll be using your watch for, and the location type. This should make it obvious what features are unnecessary- say, if you’re a runner only, you won’t need water resistance or multi-sport mode, but will definitely need a foot pod. Garmin is a forerunner amongst modern GPS watch technology, with a multitude of user-friendly options and watch designs.

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