Polar FT80G1 GPS Watch Review

Polar FT80G1 GPS WatchThe Polar FT80G1 GPS watch is a sophisticated, sleek watch perfect for anyone who loves a high-quality training watch with a chic design. The Polar FT80G1 GPS watch is easily one of the most “intelligent” GPS watches currently on the market. This watch is perfect for anyone whose preferred method of exercise or training is cycling, running, walking, or hiking.

Keep track of your location and destination with a state-of-the-art GPS locating system, ideal for anybody who enjoys exploring and creating their own new trails. You can also track your speed and distance when exercising with this feature. Amazingly, this watch can asses your physical condition and suggest the perfect training level for your age and physical ability.

It also gives you exercise goals to achieve and feedback on how you’re doing. The heart rate monitor is extremely accurate, and is equipped with an alarm system to let you know if you’re exercising too leisurely or too hard. Keep track of what you’re doing with a fantastic tracking log that can hold up to 100 files.

The display doesn’t just reveal the time, date, your location and heart rate, however- view your typical and maximum heart rate, how many calories you‘re using and have burned, distance traveled, and how long you’ve exercised. With water resistance up to 50 meters, this watch is not just high-quality, but super-tough. Available in unisex sizes, this watch fits and wears very comfortably.

The smoothly streamlined minimalist shape and design is very attractive in anything-but-basic black. The Polar FT80G1 GPS watch is sure to be hit as a gift for yourself or someone you care about.

Polar FT80G1 Watches for Sale on eBay

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