Polar RS800CX Multi G3 GPS Watch Review

Polar RS800CX Multi G3 GPS WatchThe Polar RS800CX Multi G3 GPS Watch is a pleasant surprise for anyone looking to purchase a new athletic watch. The built in heart monitor is obviously the key feature of the watch, and for good reason - the RS800CX reads the wearer's heart rate by using an unobtrusive chest strap. This watch is easily secured and jogger's and other work out fiends shouldn't have any trouble keeping this top of the line tool safely in place.

A GPS sensor built right into the watch can help measure distance traveled along your workout route. Due to the nature a global positioning unit, even down rivers, through forests, and along obscure trails. Like all of the features, the GPS details are displayed on clear, easy to read digital display. Don't look for any maps or directions, though - the GPS system isn't designed to help user's find their way home.

For those serious about achieving the ultimate workout, owners of the Polar RS800CX Multi G3 GPS Watch can program the watch to alert them when a variety of benchmarks have been achieved. Among these options are sustained heart rate, distance traveled, and measures of time. Having the option to create and edit a training regime all on your watch is a god send. It cuts down on the stress of dealing with suboptimal workouts and lets their owners concentrate on what's really important: their health.

Be sure to carefully review your needs before you purchase an athletic watch. The Polar RS800CX Multi G3 GPS Watch has a lot of tools, but only serious health nuts will be able to take advantage of all of them. If you're only looking for some more basic options in your workout accessories, there might be some better choices available.

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