Suunto T6C GPS Watch Review

Suunto T6C GPS WatchThe Suunto T6C watch with GPS Pod is a mobile sports laboratory that constantly monitors seven body parameters to enable the user to optimize their workout routine. The Suunto T6 GPS Pack consists of the Suunto T6C watch, a Comfort Monitoring Belt, and the GPS Pod. This combination is the most powerful mobile training tool available and allows the user to adjust a training program to maximize each workout.

With the ability to accurately measure distance, speed, pace, distance and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption level (EPOC). The Suunto T6C allows a user to not only tailor the workout, but also the cool-down time needed to allow for a complete training session. The Suunto Comfort Belt completes the monitoring package, the Comfort Belt is linked to the watch via ANT disturbance free wireless technology, this allows for a disturbance free workout. In addition to the watch and comfort belt, the GPS Pod is worn on the arm, with the provided strap, and utilizes the same ANT technology has the comfort belt.

The combination of the three components, stores a lot of information and to analyze the data stored in the Suunto T6C watch, there is the Suunto Training Manager PC software included. The software allows the user to download and store the wealth of information obtained during a training program.

The Suunto T6C watch with the GPS Pod takes training to a new level by bringing major workout monitoring out of the sports laboratory and in to the mobility of the real world. Although the three piece combination is a lot of equipment to carry during a workout, it is worth it when it competition time rolls around.

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